Orbital Welding Power Supply ORBIMAT 300 CA

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ORBIMATIC is proud to annouce the introduction of another brand new orbital welding power source. The new 300 CA has the following unique features
Compact design
Storage Capacity for more than 5000 Welding Procedures
Storage Extension and Data transfer via COMPACT FLASH CARD
Highly visible 10,5“ colour monitor
Multi-Language Operation even with Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Chinese
Extensive Data logging
Built-in mini printer
PC Offline programming (optional)Simple Conversion of Data

Logfiles into pdf files
Maintenance friendly with PSS (Pro-Service-System)
Total weight only 35 kg

ORBIMATIC is proud to announce the introduction of the new orbital welding powersource ORBIMAT 300CB.
The new powersource is replacing the ORBIMAT 250C.
The new ORBIMAT 300CB computer controlled power source is very compact in design and has a highly visible 10,5" colour monitor.




The Worlds Most Technologically Advanced Water Cooled Orbital Tube Welding Power Supply. The Orbimat 165C Advanced is designed around the proven concept of the ORBIMAT 165C Basic with a brand new software version to dleiver the worlds most advanced tube welding system.

This new power supply takes orbital welding power supplies to the next generation.



The Orbimat 300 AC has all the features of the Orbimat C range, but in addition can offer an AC welding facility.
This allows the Orbimatic range of weld heads to be used an materials which require an alternating current to be welded successfully.
With adjustable AC Balance and Frequency to AC arc can be controlled to achieve the optimum weld profile for the application in hand. All functions are controllable on easy to understand weld level screens.



The Worlds Most Compact Water Cooled Orbital Tube Welding Power Supply.
The Orbimat 165C Basic has been designed using the worlds most advanced technology to deliver a very compact and robust orbital TIG welding power supply.
ONLY 24kg (<53 lbs)
Including Computer Control, Welding Power Supply & High Efficiency Water Cooling System

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