DryWire® General Ovens

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DryWire® General Ovens keep flux cored wire moisture-free and work well in other applications such as:
aging, baking, pre and post heat, and drying. It's designed for ease of use, maximum flexibility, and
high efficiency. 






1] High Temp "Spring Loaded" Gasket adjusts to door position for maximum heat retention.
[2] TIG Rack mounted on the inside of the door will inventory 50lbs (22.7kg) of 36 in. tig rod.
[3] Rod Shelving allows for field adjustment of interior racking system.
[4] Eight Heavy Gauge Channel Guides allow oven to store in excess of 900 lbs (409kg) without sagging or leaning.

[5] Position Of Heating Elements in the front and back provide for even heat distribution throughout oven interior, while keeping the most intense heat away from oven contents.
[6] Industrial Grade Hinge will prevent door sagging following years of use.
[7] Oven Footing allows oven to be moved with a fork truck. 29" (74cm) Depth allows oven to be moved through standard doorways.
[8] 2" Fiber Glass Insulation keeps heat in, while keeping oven exterior at safe temperature levels.
[9] Electrical Access Panels on both sides and back provide easy access to wiring connections.
10] Thermostat located on oven front, easy to read, with power indicating pilot light.
[11] Screw Down, Thermostat Cover will protect oven contents from accidental temperature adjustment.
[12] Content Card Holder holds a 3" x 5" card for easy identification of oven contents.
[13] One Hand Action, Compression Latch opens oven easily with one hand.
A half turn will close door; A full turn will pull door tightly against gasket preventing heat loss.
[14] Vent Hole allows moist air to be vented from interior, keeping damaging moisture away from oven contents.


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