Tie Wire

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AlcoTec's tie wire is primarily used to secure bundles of metal or other materials. Alloy 1100, the highest strength pure aluminum alloy, is the primary tie wire alloy. When final annealed, it becomes highly ductile and easily formed while maintaining a relatively high strength level.

Standard Alloys and Sizes
  • 1100 Alloy
  • 1350 Alloy
  • 5356 Alloy
50 lb..051 in.1.3 mm16Individual Coils
50 lb..064 in.1.6 mm14Individual Coils
50 lb..091 in.2.3 mm11Individual Coils
50 lb.1/8 in.3.2 mm8Individual Coils
50 lb.3/16 in.4.7mm5Individual Coils
500 lb..051 in.1.3 mm16Bulk Coils
500 lb..250 in6.4 mm2Bulk Coils
700 lb..051 in.1.3 mm16Bulk Coils
700 lb..064 in1.6 mm14Bulk Coils
700 lb..091 in.2.3 mm11Bulk Coils
700 lb.1/8 in.3.2 mm8Bulk Coils
700 lb.3/16 in.4.7 mm5Bulk Coils