Ceramic fibre mats

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Ceramic fibre mats
In modern furnace technology ceramic fibre mats are essential for lining the interior of all types of industrial furnaces.
They are particularly suitable for the insulation of local treatment points. As the first cover beneath the sintering rockwool with a thickness of 12 mm they protect the heating elements.

Technical Data
Width Length Bale Raw Density Temperature
610 mm 14640 mm 8.92 m² 128 kg/m³ max. 1200°C
610 mm 7320 mm 4.46 m² 128 kg/m³ max. 1200°C
610 mm 3660 mm  2.23 m²  128 kg/m³ max. 1200°C

TYGASIL silicate fibre

TYGASIL silicate fibre is an ideal alternative to ceramic fibre and rockwool! TYGASIL silicate fibre is designed for exclusive insulation on preheating – and annealing processes at tubes, apparatus, instruments etc.. It is mounted to the workpiece by wrapping it with the required insulation thickness and is fixed by a temperature-resistant glass fibre cord against slipping aside.
Technical Data
Weight: 2400 g/m²
Material Thickness: 12.5 mm
SiO2 content (min.): 96 %
Maximum Temperature: 950°C
Deliverable Dimensions:
  from L 300 x W 610 mm
until L 7500 x W 610 mm

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